Feb 13, 2013

Boise Outdoor Portraits with male fitness model Damir Delic

Damir is a male fitness model and physique competitor. He competes on the national stage but he lives and trains in Boise.

I contacted Damir out of the blue and asked him if I could shoot his portraits. He said "who are you"?.
So I sent him some example of my work....even though I had never shot fitness before he decided he would give it a go.

I have always wanted to shoot fitness but could never find anyone to give me a shot. I had contacted several people before and never heard anything back.

So anyway, Damir and I have been out twice and guess what.....I CAN shoot fitness....of course it feels almost like cheating to have a great subject like Damir to start out with. He is the ultimate professional and a natural poser, very comfortable in front of the camera.
I did almost no posing. I chose the scenes and oriented Damir so the light would show off his tone and shot away.

So I shot him in natural light (my choice more and more these days) and in a couple of my favorite settings.

Most of these are with the d3 or d700 and the 85 1.4 lens.

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