Jul 31, 2010

Dana and Tony Engagement Portraits at Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise

Had so much fun with Dana and Tony, it was like we had always known each other. They showed up ready for anything and full of energy. We spent about 15 minutes messing around and getting relaxed and then we started getting the good stuff.
All of these were taken with the d700 and the 70-200 at f4. I used the softbox on a few but the wind was pretty bad this night and it blew over 5 times so it saw limited action.
And of course this is the night my two assistants chose to have other things to do ha...

The pictures came our very nice regardless, with a couple this great looking it is kind of hard to mess it up.
I am just sad I have to wait until next year to shoot the wedding.....can't ya move it up???????????
Here is a link to their gallery at my site, lots more cool shots:

We do a lot of outdoor wedding photography at various Boise venues. I get very excited to photograph all of them but this one I am particularly looking forward to :).

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