May 24, 2013

Katie, Boise Ballerina by an old building.

This is another shot of Katie in the alley by the green door. This has been such a productive spot for me with several dancers. The color and the light are really nice here. Plus this alley is kind of out of the way so nobody really passing by which makes it nice.
Nikon D3 and the 70-200 with all natural light.

May 19, 2013

Dance portraits of Jessica. Professional ballerina with one of the ballet companies in Boise.
A beautiful dancer she settled right into the shoot. The light in this old building was amazing. There was a mix of window and track lighting so a few color consistency issues...for the most part I just didn't worry about it.
When in doubt I went with black and white...which I prefer for dance any way.

Mostly shot with the Nikon D3 and the 85 1.4.

Apr 24, 2013

These are from the shoot with Katie. This was just a few weeks ago. We had a fairly decent day this time. Katie and I have shot together several times and it is always very productive to shoot her, she is very professional and a beautiful dancer.

The trick to shooting dancers is to allow them get into a flow. This is very easy with Katie as she needs no help working a scene. I just find a setting, put her in it and set her loose to do whatever she feels.

All shot with natural light and the Nikon D3 with the 70-200 lens.

Apr 18, 2013

This is a post from my Freestyle Ballerina project blog. As I am still working on getting more traffic to that site I decided to do some dual posts here.

This is from a shoot I did with Ann in downtown Boise last week, it was crazy cold and raining a bit.
Ann hung in there and we found a few good spots.
This is towards the end of the shoot with the Nikon D3 and the 70-200 and natural light.

Apr 10, 2013

A fellow photographer and I were doing an outdoor portrait dance shoot with Nicole a couple weeks. Nicole is not a professional ballerina but we were out having a fun dance shoot downtown.

So it got dark and we were heading back to our cars and the other photography tells Nicole to get in the was pretty cold and windy so I kind of laughed and said "no you don't need to get in the fountain". The other photographer talked her into it so I figured what the heck.

She we take a few shots and she tells her friend who came along with her to jump in with before we knew it we are shooting a romance novel cover haha.
I just went with the flow and actually really like this shot.
A good example of letting a shoot progess freely, you never know where you will end up if you keep an open mind.

This was after dark with just the light from the fountain with the D3 and I believe this was with the 35 1.8, which is a DX lens but I works amazingly well and is super sharp wide open on my full frame.
This was taken at ISO 6400 and then a bit of noise reduction in Lightroom to arrive at this.

Apr 1, 2013

I kicked off my "Freestyle Ballerina" ballerina project blog last week. I will be adding a lot of content to the site over the next few months. Please like the blog and spread the word about my new art project :)
Here is the link:

Mar 30, 2013

"Freestyle Ballerina" facebook page.

Those of you who have been following me know I have more and more been increasing my interest in shooting dancers, specifically ballerinas. I have decided to make an art project of it. I am calling the project "Freestyle Ballerina".

I will be creating a blog for it soon and have already created a Facebook page for it.
If you have a minute please check out my page and remember to Like the page before you leave.
I will be adding a lot of content to the page in the next few months.

Here is the page: