Apr 10, 2012

Senior portraits with Megan at The Bishop's House and Botanical Gardens, rock garden Boise.

What a fun shoot we had.
Outdoor portraits on the grounds by the Old Penitentiary, Bishops House and the rock garden are so productive for senior pictures. Pretty much any kind of setting a person could want.
We were very lucky this day to have lots of clouds which enabled us to shoot at the rock garden. When the sun is out it is just to bright as there is no shade.

Megan showed up for her senior pictures shoot ready to go. Not very often I shoot a senior with the kind of confidence she had, she showed up relaxed and ready to shoot.
Obviously a very pretty girl, it didn't take long start getting some nice portraits.
It is pretty common for it to take 20 minutes or so of working with my portrait subject to figure out how to get the best looks out of them and indeed what their best look is.

These shots are all natural light with the d700 and the 70-200 at F4.

Megan's full gallery is here: http://alloutdoor.smugmug.com/BoiseSeniorPictures/Megan-S/22336537_hH3k7v#!i=1784805373&k=wXJscTH

Senior portraits with Megan at Freak Alley, Boise.

Had a great afternoon with Megan and her sisters at Freak Alley in Boise. Nice cloudy day and really busy with painters and other photographers in the ally, that place is getting popular.

Megan started out shy so we messed around chatted and laughed a lot to get her relaxed and having fun. Took about 30 minutes and pretty soon she was modeling like a pro.

These are all natural light with the d3 and the 85 1.4 at F1.8 if I remember correctly.
I have been shooting more natural light as I find I get a much better flow with the person I am shooting with.
Less time messing with lights and gear is always a plus....especially when we get lucky with cloudy days....which are perfect when shooting in an urban setting like Freak Alley.

Megan's full gallery is here: http://alloutdoor.smugmug.com/BoiseSeniorPictures/Megan/22219100_6D9dHP#!i=1774559525&k=z2PmxFx