Dec 24, 2010

Ally's boudoir portrait gallery at her house in Boise. AO Boudoir Boise Portrait Photography.

I have known Ally for a few years. We shot her wedding 3 years ago and I have shot portraits of her a couple times since then.
Ally is already comfortable around me so we got right into the shooting.

Really it is amazing how many really good photos we got in two hours. Good light, good location, Ally's amazing ability to interact with the camera....well it all came together for this shoot.

D3 and D700 again with 85 1.4  used for most of these shots. A few with the 24-70 thrown in here and there. These are almost all with natural window light.

Great shoot Ally!!

The rest of here gallery is here:

Savannah's boudoir gallery Boise. AO Boudoir Boise Portrait Photograpy.

We shot Savannah's boudoir gallery at the Grove Hotel in Boise. We shot her wedding this last summer and we included a boudoir and a bridal photo shoot as part of her wedding package.
The bridal photos we took in her dress while walking around downtown Boise, right after we finished her boudour shoot.
It was a long shoot but she is so much fun the time just flew by!

Savannah loves to be in front of the camera so we settled right into the photo taking and it just got better and better as we went along. This was actually my first boudour shoot so there was a learning curve for me...but I have no complaints about how Savannah's photos came out.

Taken mostly with the d3 and 85 1.4 and the d700 and the 24-70 and natural window light.

AO Boudoir Boise is affilitated with All Outdoor Photography in Boise.

The rest of Savannah's boudoir Boise gallery is here:

Janel's boudoir Boise portrait shoot. AO Boudoir Boise Portrait Photography.

We are branching out into boudoir photography in Boise, All Outdoor Photography focuses on outdoor portraits in Boise.....we thought boudoir would be a fun and productive winter project.
I have a separate boudoir site at :

This is Janel. We did a boudoir shoot at her house in Boise two weeks ago.  We had lots of fun at the shoot with Janel and her sister. These shoots can be a bit awkward at first but these ladies made me feel very welcome and after a bit of chatting we were ready to take some pictures.
Janel settled right in and we were able to get some really nice photos.

Most of these are with the d700 and the 50mm 1.8 lens taken at F2 with natural light. A few with the 24-70 at f2.8 are mixed in there. It was a very dark day outside so it was a bit of a journey chasing the light from room to room in the house.

Janel's full gallery is here:

Nov 9, 2010

Jennifer's outdoor portraits in Boise at Kathryn Albertson Park, by All Outdoor Photography, Mike Reid.

I met Jennifer when I was shooting senior pictures for Jarod. Jarod is a good looking guy and his pictures came out great, (reminds me I need to post a blog here of them :)).

Jennifer is a very sweet girl who has no idea how cute she is. She is a college athlete and has boundless energy. So having met Jennifer I asked her if she would like some portraits and she was up for it. we went to the park. I need to find some new spots :).

She was kind of nervous since her boyfriend was there watching....the girls always have a hard time relaxing when the boyfriend is watching....but we worked through it and came up with some pretty good stuff.
I plan to shoot her again next year after it warms up again....

All with the 70-200 and the 42" softbox on a stand with the D700. Pretty much the standard setup for portraits.

Thanks Jenny!!
Here is Jenny;s full gallery at my website:

Nov 7, 2010

Katie, amazing dancer, Boise Idaho outdoor Portraits.

Katie is a dance instructor here in Boise and she is a choreographer and works in a local dance troupe.
Really a sweetheart and so talented. We only scratched the surface of what she can do with this photoshoot.

All shot with the D700 and the softbox on a stand, we also used a handheld flash held below her and shining up.
All with the 24-70, next time I shoot her I am going to use the 70-200 to get a shorter depth of field.

Basically just told Katie to do her thing and I took the pictures. It was a cloudy rainy day, which is what I love to shoot in so it all came out good.
Thanks Katie for the amazing poses! Here is her full gallery:

Oct 14, 2010

Stefanie...cowgirl calendar shoot.

Stefanie was chosen to be in a cowgirls calendar but missed the photo day with the calendar peoples photographer...good for me :).
She contacted me and asked if I would take some shots for her......yeah......ok......
We had a great time out in Kuna at an abandoned ranch property, shooting pictures between rainshowers.
Stefanie was a trooper and just worked throught the showers wind and goose bumps.
Her able assistant Robin was right there holding the light stand.

We used the regular setup of the sb800 on a stand with a softbox and the d700 with the 70-200 f2.8 lens.
I think we shot these at F3.2.

I have been wanting to shoot the hitchhiking shots for some time now and Stefanie was such a good sport we gave it a go....really fun shots.
Thanks Stefanie...hope your shots rock the calendar!!

Sep 30, 2010

Stephanie...pretty Idaho Cowgirl.

I first saw Stephanie at my daughters modeling class, she walked by in the hall and I told my daughter I wanted to shoot her and asked her if she could ask her. Well we were both to shy to say anything haha.

So months go by and I get asked to do a model shoot, and who shows up but Stephanie. She killed it in that shoot and we got along pretty well so I asked her to do a cowgirl shoot, since she really is one.

These are all with natural light with the d3 and the 70-200 f2.8 lens. at F4 or 2.8. The silhouette is a composite of a sunset I took last year with a picture I took of her standing on a stack of hay bales.

Aug 10, 2010

Megan's outdoor portraits at Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise

Shooting portraits of Megan was so much fun. She started of shy and cute and slowly gained confidence as I started showing her some shots and she could see how nice they were coming out.
I just love photographing women who don't have any idea how pretty they really are.

All these are with the d700 and the 70-200 at F4. Most are with the softbox and a few with natural light just to mix it up a bit. I prefer the light from the softbox and the colors and pop it provides.

Jul 31, 2010

Dana and Tony Engagement Portraits at Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise

Had so much fun with Dana and Tony, it was like we had always known each other. They showed up ready for anything and full of energy. We spent about 15 minutes messing around and getting relaxed and then we started getting the good stuff.
All of these were taken with the d700 and the 70-200 at f4. I used the softbox on a few but the wind was pretty bad this night and it blew over 5 times so it saw limited action.
And of course this is the night my two assistants chose to have other things to do ha...

The pictures came our very nice regardless, with a couple this great looking it is kind of hard to mess it up.
I am just sad I have to wait until next year to shoot the wedding.....can't ya move it up???????????
Here is a link to their gallery at my site, lots more cool shots:

We do a lot of outdoor wedding photography at various Boise venues. I get very excited to photograph all of them but this one I am particularly looking forward to :).

Jun 29, 2010

Jenni and Matt's wedding at the Grove Hotel Boise wedding venue.

Jenni and Matt's wedding a The Grove Hotel wedding venue in Boise went off without a hitch. The warmest day of the year so far, was beautiful on the outside third story terrace.
Lots of sun and just enough breeze to keep it cool. The ceremony was very nice with the couple and the minister battling it out to see who shed the most tears.

Thanks you two, hope you had the best time on your honeymoon and looking forward to seeing you again to go over your pictures.

The rest of their photos are in their gallery at my website here:

Jun 25, 2010

Takara outdoor portraits at Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise.

I photographed Takara on a perfect lighting day. There was enough cloud cover to get rid of the shadows but still plenty of light. Shot her late in the evening and used the 42" softbox on every shot.
My goal with every shot in this shoot was  to make the flash look like natural light. I always shoot on TTL and set the flash power to 0 or 1. I wanted Takara to be just  little bit brighter than the background in every shot.

As you can see Takara is an obviously beautiful young lady which makes getting great shots just that much easier. The additional fact that she is a crack up makes it just that much more fun as well.

All shot with the D700 and 70-200 at F4. I always try to shoot them at 150mm or higher to isolate the background as much as possible.

Hope you enjoy the photos.
Thanks Takara!

Jun 23, 2010

Cheyanne's portrait.

Kathryn Albertsons Park in Boise, another outdoor portrait of Cheyanne.
What a great time we had, this girl has an amazing personality and an excellent dancer.
There is another post of her below and here is a link to her gallery at my website:

Cheyanne's outdoor portraits in Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise.

These are outdoor portraits of Cheyanne at Kathryn Albertsons Park in Boise.
Obviously a very pretty girl and a dancer as well.
Cheyanne is a friend of Brianna's who if you have been following the blog you have seen pictures of a couple of different times.

I really enjoy taking photos of dancers. It is a work in progress and I do not quite have it perfected as I have only done it twice.
Cheyanne hit some amazing poses in the air and I captured them pretty well.
For her portraits, as you can see she is just a natural.

All these shots were taken with the d700 with 42" softbox with sb800. For the jump shot I had an additional sb800 bare held behind her and underneath to get some light on the back of her legs to provide additional isolation from the background.

Great job Cheyanne!

Jun 21, 2010

Takara again........outdoor portrait from last weekend.

This is Takara. I first shot her when she was a shy high school girl getting her senior pictures, what a difference 4 years makes.
She is now a very confident young woman and it really shows in her posing.

I love her confidence in the outdoor portrait on the park bench.
I lit her with the softbox just above ambient and used f4 with a 200mm lens to really isolate her from the background.

Her entire gallery is amazing, have a look:

Thanks Takara!!

Takara working the Aspens.

Takara again, this time in a small stand of Aspen in the park.
I asked her to show me bendy and this is her translation. I figured she looked just a good without elbows as with so gave this a very tall crop, just because I like the look of it.

Again with the d700 and softbox.

Very nice Takara!