Dec 24, 2010

Janel's boudoir Boise portrait shoot. AO Boudoir Boise Portrait Photography.

We are branching out into boudoir photography in Boise, All Outdoor Photography focuses on outdoor portraits in Boise.....we thought boudoir would be a fun and productive winter project.
I have a separate boudoir site at :

This is Janel. We did a boudoir shoot at her house in Boise two weeks ago.  We had lots of fun at the shoot with Janel and her sister. These shoots can be a bit awkward at first but these ladies made me feel very welcome and after a bit of chatting we were ready to take some pictures.
Janel settled right in and we were able to get some really nice photos.

Most of these are with the d700 and the 50mm 1.8 lens taken at F2 with natural light. A few with the 24-70 at f2.8 are mixed in there. It was a very dark day outside so it was a bit of a journey chasing the light from room to room in the house.

Janel's full gallery is here:

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