Apr 25, 2011

Megan's Senior Portraits in downtown Boise alleys.

Megan's senior portraits shoot in downtown in the alleys went really well. The weather turned out perfect and the light was just right.
Megan showed up excited and ready to go. She had a couple guitars which we made good use of for props.

We mixed up the natural and flash shots, tried a few different things with Megan as she seemed to really like the flash work and the dramatic lighting effect.

Mostly with the d700 and 24-70 except for the closeups which were mostly with the 70-200 2.8 and natural light.

Megan was a litte shy so we took our time getting going but by the end of the shoot she was posing like an old pro :).

Here is the link to her gallery: http://alloutdoor.smugmug.com/Portrait-galleries/Megans-Senior-Portraits-in/16742371_QT6WWx#1263111619_9HRKDV5

Thanks Megan!

Apr 21, 2011

Stephanie...portrait with her horse.

This is Stephanie Latimer she is a working model but also a serious cowgirl. I shot her portraits a couple times last year but this is my favorite shoot of her...this is her natural environment I think.

We had a great time, my daughter was at the shoot and they had a fun time chatting together about modeling and girl stuff while I was getting the shots.

She wanted some casual shots with her horses so not much makeup at all, just natural. The shoot went by so fast...hope we get a chance to get out again this year.

These shots are natural light just after sunset.

Here is a link to her gallery: http://alloutdoor.smugmug.com/Portrait-galleries/Stephanie-with-her-horses/13818498_zqANG#1012405219_o7VQU

Thanks Stephanie

Apr 19, 2011

One of my favorite weddings.

Here are a couple photos from Anna and Drew's wedding that I did last year. I reworked these a little bit to enchance the detail in her dress. When I took these I had the ISO just a bit to high and the exposure just a bit to bright and the combination did not allow all of the dress detail to show through.
These are a couple of my all time favorite shots so I figured they deserved to be all they could be.

These were taken with a 42" softbox and the flash was set pretty high so the background would be nice and dark.
I set them up in front of this old fence and it turned out to be a really nice setting. Taken with the d700 and 24-70 2.8 lens.
I used a mixture of tonal contrast and contrast neutralizing to bring back the detail, plus just a little voodoo.

Apr 7, 2011

Abondoned building lingerie shoot.

Cold dark spring day, windy and raining. But this time of year if we don't shoot in bad weather...we don't shoot.
These are a sneak peak so I can't show you any good face shots of the model yet, I will post more later when I can...what I can tell you is she was amazing...not a word of complaint about the weather and we really had a lot of fun.
These are all natural light with the 85 1.4.

Apr 6, 2011

Hadley and Drew's wedding at the Boise Art Museum.

Shooting great couples like Hadley and Drew are why I do wedding photography, what a great day everyone had. The weather was rainy and cold, but cleared up for 30 minute just when we really needed it, very cool.
The day went really smooth after a late start which ate up a lot of the photography time but we were able to get in compressed versions of everything Hadley wanted pictures of so it worked out ok.
Dark Dark venue so I was very happy to have brought all my flash gear and softbox for this one. They came in really handy.
Had the entire All Outdoor Photography team on hand for this one, Cheyanne, Mikayla and Austin. Cheyanne and Mikayla took some amazing photos and I lost track of how many times I sent poor Austin out into the rain to grab something or other from the truck.

We used everything at this one, d3, d700, d300.  24-70,  70-200, 35  1.8, 50   1.8 and the 85 1.4.
As you can see in their gallery we shot a mix of flash and ambient overall.

As you can see Hadley looked amazing and Drew was doing his thing, they were easy to get good photos of.

Here is their gallery link: