Jan 31, 2011

Ally's boudoir boise portraits.

Ally is a friend of mine that wanted some boudoir shots to suprise her husband with.
Ally is so comfortable in front of the camera...this is one of the first shots we took on the day.

This is natural light.

Anna's model portrait in downtown Boise.

I have shot Anna a couple of times. This is one of her portraits in downtown Boise. I added a little blue to it...I just like the effect of it and it darkens the bricks up a bit.
 Cloudy day so the light was perfect..this is natural light. Anna is a natural at posing so I just put her against the bricks and asked her to do her thing.
I like this vertical crop with her tucked down in the corner.

Jan 29, 2011

Mr. February....American Whitewater Calendar 2011

That's right I am no one trick pony, I shoot sports, birds, dancers and landscapes. Really whatever catches my interest.
This is a shot I submitted to the American Whitewater people for submission into their calendar....they get a LOT of submissions so I was very fortunate to be selected for the February page.

This is the North Fork of the Payette River in Idaho at historic flows of 8000 cfs.
A group of world class kayakers spend several days running the river at those flows....flows nobody had dared attempt before...in fact the flows had not been that high in the last 20 years or so.

So 70-200 at F4...I think that was at 70mm. Continuous focus...use the same setting that I use for photographing flying birds.

Tristan McClaran is in that boat....you can't see his face very well ha....but he is in there.

I am posting a link to the full size photo as the scan did not translate very well to this small one.
This photo is a scan of the calendar page.
Please click on it to really see the quality of the photo:

Jan 28, 2011

Dancing with Mary Kate and Lisa in the rain....

Had a great day with Mary Kate and Lisa shooing dance portraits on a dark rain day under a freeway overpass. Broke out the 42" softbox and a couple speedlights and we were in business.
These two were real troopers out there in their barefeet, in the rain on 35degree pavement, not ideal for dance jumps.
We were able to get some pretty cool shots so I think it was worth it....of course I wasn't the barefoot one so easy for me to say.

I try to get up really close and underneath so I can put them in orbit on their jumps...of couse doing this means I am shooting at a shorter focal length so the depth of field is deeper than I would like it. Usually I try to find a very clean background because of that. In this case it just was not possible so we used what we had.

These are all with the d700 and the 24-70 lens at F2.8 or f4.

These two are little powerhouses, amazes me how high they get on these jumps.
Great job Mary Kate and Lisa!
Mary Kate is in the green top, Lisa in black.

The rest of their gallery is here: http://alloutdoor.smugmug.com/Portrait-galleries/Lifestyle-dance-portraits/15546497_PUq2Z#1164547263_8ikpn

Jan 10, 2011

2011 Boise Weddings. All Outdoor Photography. Boise Wedding Photographer, Mike Reid.

Well the 2011 Boise Wedding season will be upon us before we know it. Always amazes me how fast winter goes by while working on wrapping up the previous year and working on new things and planning for the next.

2011 is shaping up to be another good year. Jana is moving to Texas, and I wish her the best of luck. She will still be available on a contract basis to do large prints and books. I am so glad she will still be doing books as she really has an amazing talent in this area.
Jana is my niece by marriage, so she is not getting away that easily :). Thanks Jana!

I have several wedding date openings up through June. After that there are less openings, if you are on the fence please contact me right away, these dates do fill up quickly as I do a very limited number of weddings to ensure each couple gets my absolute undivided attention. January is our biggest booking month.

We do photograph a lot of outdoor (and a few indoor weddings, yes we do those also :) weddings in Boise, at assorted wedding venues.

Here is a link to the wedding samples gallery, most of these weddings were photographed last year. I have photographed a lot of weddings so I try to keep this sample gallery fresh with mostly the recent years work:

Here is a link to our gallery of engagement photo favorites:

So if your wedding is coming up in 2011 and you will only be happy with the best photography available, please take a minute to check out these sample galleries, then drop me a note so we can talk photography.

Jan 3, 2011

Anna's lifestyle portraits...by All Outdoor Photography, Boise. Mike Reid

Anna said she had lots of portraits so she wanted something different.
A very good sport, a good poser, very attractive, perfect wardrobe.....the pressure was all on me if I couldn't make this work :).

It was about 35 degrees with a bit of wind so we got right to work. Anna was killing the poses right out of the gate, a natural.

I was trying out my new 35 1.8 lens which supposedly does not work for full frame cameras....ha don't tell my D3 that. Really worked great and with just enough vignetting built in to the photo....if the slight vignetting is not wanted it can be removed in 10 seconds in Lightroom.
I shot with the 35mm on the D3 and the 85mm 1.4 on the D700.
All these shots are in natural light. I seem to be using it more and more lately, I find that it frees me up to be a bit more creative with the more edgy portraits.
I still love the softbox for standard portraits and for shooing in the park in that GREEN light environment (death by green light), worst light there is.

We do a lot of outdoor wedding photography in Boise but lately we have been shooting a lot of different varieties of outdoor portraits. Anna's gallery is a good example of the types of outdoor portraits we can take in the winter...even though the weather is not ideal.

So here is one of the portrait shots and her gallery has another 70 shots. There is some good stuff there so please click and have a look :).