Jan 28, 2011

Dancing with Mary Kate and Lisa in the rain....

Had a great day with Mary Kate and Lisa shooing dance portraits on a dark rain day under a freeway overpass. Broke out the 42" softbox and a couple speedlights and we were in business.
These two were real troopers out there in their barefeet, in the rain on 35degree pavement, not ideal for dance jumps.
We were able to get some pretty cool shots so I think it was worth it....of course I wasn't the barefoot one so easy for me to say.

I try to get up really close and underneath so I can put them in orbit on their jumps...of couse doing this means I am shooting at a shorter focal length so the depth of field is deeper than I would like it. Usually I try to find a very clean background because of that. In this case it just was not possible so we used what we had.

These are all with the d700 and the 24-70 lens at F2.8 or f4.

These two are little powerhouses, amazes me how high they get on these jumps.
Great job Mary Kate and Lisa!
Mary Kate is in the green top, Lisa in black.

The rest of their gallery is here: http://alloutdoor.smugmug.com/Portrait-galleries/Lifestyle-dance-portraits/15546497_PUq2Z#1164547263_8ikpn

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