Jan 3, 2011

Anna's lifestyle portraits...by All Outdoor Photography, Boise. Mike Reid

Anna said she had lots of portraits so she wanted something different.
A very good sport, a good poser, very attractive, perfect wardrobe.....the pressure was all on me if I couldn't make this work :).

It was about 35 degrees with a bit of wind so we got right to work. Anna was killing the poses right out of the gate, a natural.

I was trying out my new 35 1.8 lens which supposedly does not work for full frame cameras....ha don't tell my D3 that. Really worked great and with just enough vignetting built in to the photo....if the slight vignetting is not wanted it can be removed in 10 seconds in Lightroom.
I shot with the 35mm on the D3 and the 85mm 1.4 on the D700.
All these shots are in natural light. I seem to be using it more and more lately, I find that it frees me up to be a bit more creative with the more edgy portraits.
I still love the softbox for standard portraits and for shooing in the park in that GREEN light environment (death by green light), worst light there is.

We do a lot of outdoor wedding photography in Boise but lately we have been shooting a lot of different varieties of outdoor portraits. Anna's gallery is a good example of the types of outdoor portraits we can take in the winter...even though the weather is not ideal.

So here is one of the portrait shots and her gallery has another 70 shots. There is some good stuff there so please click and have a look :).

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