Apr 10, 2013

A fellow photographer and I were doing an outdoor portrait dance shoot with Nicole a couple weeks. Nicole is not a professional ballerina but we were out having a fun dance shoot downtown.

So it got dark and we were heading back to our cars and the other photography tells Nicole to get in the fountain.....it was pretty cold and windy so I kind of laughed and said "no you don't need to get in the fountain". The other photographer talked her into it so I figured what the heck.

She we take a few shots and she tells her friend who came along with her to jump in with her...so before we knew it we are shooting a romance novel cover haha.
I just went with the flow and actually really like this shot.
A good example of letting a shoot progess freely, you never know where you will end up if you keep an open mind.

This was after dark with just the light from the fountain with the D3 and I believe this was with the 35 1.8, which is a DX lens but I works amazingly well and is super sharp wide open on my full frame.
This was taken at ISO 6400 and then a bit of noise reduction in Lightroom to arrive at this.

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