Feb 21, 2011

Katie, beautiful dancer with textures.

I have always loved artistic black and whites with textures. I envied the holders of the mysterious voodoo knowledge than enabled this wondrous effect. I tried several times to figure it out but just could not get there.

I know those of you who already know how to do textures are thinking, geez what a (((( &&&&! It is so easy.
Well now that I have finally taken the time to figure it out....yeah it is pretty easy.

Needless to say I am excited about the possibilities for my future with textures.

These shots with Katie came out very nice. This is at the Old Penetentiary in Boise. I have done photoshoots there several times and I always walk by this old door, it took walking by it several times before my eye finally realized it would make a cool photo.
The Old Pen is an amazing place for outdoor portraits in Boise. There is a rock garden right next to it as well that is amazing to shoot as well.
I have another card of shots with Katie at the rock garden I will be sharing soon. Should have them done in a couple days. The light was so good, right at sundown.

So with Katies artistic talents...a pretty cool old door...and my new found skills with texturing. These shots are what came out of it.
Taken with the D3 and the 50  1.8  lens, in natural light. I think these were shot at F2.  I had intented to shoot Katie with flash but there was turbo wind this day....and my lights have hit the concrete enough already.

Great shoot with Katie. Really been enjoying the shoots with the dancers lately. A good mix of beauty action and art.
I have another shoot on the card of Katie dancing with silks which I will be posting shots from soon.
Thanks Katie, you're the best!!

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