May 5, 2011

Emphasis on portraits, moving away from weddings.

Well I toyed with this a bit last winter and have finally decided.
After 2010 we will only be doing weddings for a few client referrals and for people we already know.
Pricing will be on a case by case basis.

For me photography is about creating not recording...I find with weddings I am not allowed the time to be creative unless the couple I am working with is really into the photography like I am :)
Since that is seldom the case I usually come away from the experience with a feeling of what might have been.

We are only doing a few weddings this year since I actually decided to do this last winter, then second guessed myself this spring when tax time came around.

This will free me up to do a lot more creative projects and to branch out into more creative outlets for my portrait photography.

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