Mar 2, 2013

Outdoor dance portrait in Boise, by Mike Reid.

Outdoor dance portraits are my favorite subject to shoot and as dance shots go this one is the S--T! I love this shot. I am so glad this is my shot because if it was somebody else's because then I would have to say "Damn I wish I had shot that" haha.

Sometimes the elements all come together, right subject, in the right place, right light, etc etc etc...this is one of those for me.
I actually shot this three years ago but I re process it every once in a while just to get to play with it again.
You artists out there know what I am talking about.
Shots like this are why I keep loading up the gear and hitting it.

This is Katie Ponozzo my favorite boise dancer...really an amazing artist. I need to shoot her more :).

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