Jul 18, 2011

Family fun. Outdoor family portraits at Ann Morrison Park Boise. By All Outdoor Photography, Mike Reid.

Family fun. I actually do a lot of family shoots, I just don't advertise it very much. Families can be a lot of fun if they have an adventurous fun spirit. It can be just like a crazy fun family outing at the park, only with pictures. I don't believe in stuffy boring family pictures.

This is a good example from a couple weeks ago, not sure "Dad" knew what he was getting into when he agree to do the Dadpile. What doesn't look fun about this. This family was so much fun and the two hours went by in  a flash.

This shot is with the  d700 at about 200mm and I cropped it pretty tight so they could use it for a Facebook shot. I took the color out of it so their facial expressions and the fun would be the major theme of the shot.
Shot late in the evening right as the sun was going down so no major shadows and natural light.

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