Jul 4, 2011

Katie Ponozzo and Kristen Brooke, models at the Bruneau Sand Dunes, by Mike Reid-All Outdoor Photography.

Bruneau Sand Dunes SE of Boise. Now I can imagine this would be a photographers paradise at 7 in the morning or night....but at 11:00 in the midday on a bright sunny day with no clouds it is the worst possible conditions.
Flat light and no shadows except below their feet. I have never worked so hard on a gallery in processing.

Ok so all the complaining out of the way......what a great shoot this turned out to be.
Katie and Kristen are sweethearts, we had an excellent makeup artist on the shoot Amber Coats. Who by the way would make an excellent photographers assistant..she had some great ideas.

This shoot was a collaboration with Albert Diskson another photographer from Boise. He set the whole thing up...many thanks to Albert.

I did this entire shoot with no lights, no reflectors. D700 and the 24-70. Because the light was so flat. I shot them a lot with their backs to the sun...their faces would have been a mess of shadows and ruined every shot. In an effort to get some depth into the shots I took them to the top of the dune where mercifully halfway through the shoot we did get some wispy clouds in the background.

I shot Katie first as she had to leave...as Albert was shooting Kristin. Then we got them together in the frame for a few shots....which turned out to be my favorites of the day. Katie and Kristen and their outfits were a perfect contrast....yeah we meant to do that :).
Katie brunette dark genie outfit, Kristen blonde white genie outfit.
If you have been following me you know Katie is an amazing dancer...this is my first shoot with Kristen who is a fitness model...who turned out to be a graceful jumper and poser....lucky me.

Anyway if you like this kind of stuff DO check out the gallery as there are a lot of cool shots there:

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