Sep 8, 2011

Kayla's outdoor portrait shoot in Freak Alley Boise. All Outdoor Photography, Mike Reid.

Kayla and her friend wanted to do a portrait shoot in Freak Alley Boise.
Kayla is my daughter so it was very easy to get on board.  She is also my second shooter and photography assistant so she spends a lot of time with the photography.

Freak Alley is the alley in Boise that has been designated as the ok place for graffiti type murals to be painted on the walls. It is really pretty cool with a lot of quality local artists represented.

Shot with the d700 70-200 and the d3 and the 24-70.

I have shot Freak Alley a few times and always try to get a different look. Most of these are shot with natural light as we had a perfect light day. There are a lot of reflections off buildings down there so I just worked those.

Kayla settles right into having her photo taken as I have shot her a few times and she is confident in front of the lens. She does her thing and I just click the button.
As you can see she is very pretty so for me all I have to do is just not mess it up :).

I am very happy with how these came out Kayla liked most of them as well.

Hope you like the pics, the rest of her gallery is here:

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