Oct 9, 2011

Tashianna's Portrait shoot in Freak Alley Boise. Outdoor Portraits by Mike Reid, All Outdoor Photography.

We had so much fun at this shoot. Tashianna has so much energy, we could have shot for hours.
Rained all day and stopped about 30 minute before the shoot. It was Very Cloudy and dark. These are actually my favorite conditions for portraits.

I didn't bring any light with me for this downtown shoot. Lights are to restricting and slow me down a lot. I am much more creative just "winging it". Taking time to mess with light distracts A LOT from the connection a photographer needs to make with the model and can really drag down the energy of a shoot.
I do use lights but it is a very minimum set up that takes no time to set up and/or move.

I love shooting black and white, the darker and grainier the better. So I pushed my boundaries a bit in this shoot and included some of that type of work.
Tashianna's classic Italian skin tone and hair color are perfectly suited for black and white.

I used the D3 with the 85 1.4 (old version) and the D700 35  1.8.
Most were shot at F2 or bigger. Love the short depth of field and really helps on these dark days.

Here are a few sample shots....if you like these I encourage you to check out the gallery.

Here is her gallery: 

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