Feb 20, 2013

Nell, Boise ballerina. Outdoor dance portraits by Boise outdoor portrait photographer Mike Reid.

Nell is a beautiful dancer. She works with one of the Boise dance companies. We did this shoot on a cold winter overcast day in January, it was about 38 degrees.
You could never tell from the photos but the poor girl was freezing. Luckily her car was nearby, so her boyfriend would run and get it warm and then she would go sit until she returned to room temperature then we would shoot again.
My daugher told me to never freeze dancers....probably good advice :).

These are all with natural light and the Nikon d3 with the 85 1.4 lens. Main thing I focused on was to get nice backgrounds and settings in flattering light.
We really did not shoot for more that a few minutes at a time so I was very happy with the number of keepers we did get.

It helped a lot that Nell was a natural poser (as most dancers are) so we didn't have to waste any time in pose coaching, which if you have been following me at all you know I prefer not to do any pose coaching as it slows things down and makes the subject look nervous and unnatural.

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