Feb 14, 2013

What's up with Nikon.

Really, what is up with Nikon.
I shoot with the D700 and the D3....still.
One of these days I may upgrade to the D3S, but for me that is where progress stopped and even the D3S is not a must have. The upgrade is a tough decision for me because the reality is that I would not gain much over the cameras I currently use.

With the new noise control in Lightroom I can take an amazing amount of noise out of my D3 images taken at high ISO. Any lack of dynamic range can for the most part be made up pretty easily in Lightroom as well.

I just don't need all that resolution in the new generation of cameras and the problems that come with it. More resolution does not add any value for me, and I have no use for video. More megapixels is going in the wrong direction.

With the subjects I mainly shoot, portraits and weddings, 12 megapixels is plenty.

The Nikon dream camera for me would be the D700 body with 16 megapixels, two CF cards, more dynamic range, the high ISO performance of the D3S and no video.

Then there is the nagging feeling there in the background that DSLR's may soon be overtaken by one of the mirrorless formats.....with cameras being much smaller and less expensive.

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