Apr 10, 2010

Photo of the Day April 10th 2010

Brianna and I had a shoot a few weeks ago in downtown Boise.
It was a perfect spring evening.
We found this great looking brick wall for this shot about an hour before sundown.
For lighting there was a mix of ambient light coming from the same direction as the flash. The flash was an sb800 on a stand shooting through a 42" umbrella style softbox.
I probably could have been ok with no flash but I like the more dramatic shadows, catchlights and color I get with the flash.
Shooting with the d700 using Commander mode for the flash control. Flash was set on TTL at +1.
I was using the 24-70 f2.8 lens, set at f4, I love this lens, provides a lot of width and just enough depth of field, nice and sharp and all F-stops.
Briana a you can see is a very pretty young lady. By this point in the shoot we had been at it for over an hour and she was starting to feel very comfortable and confident. Until you subject reaches the point where they are comfortable and confident it is almost impossible to get photographs that really show the true person and personality.
As you can see I shot it from an angle and had her pose at an angle also, this creates energy in the photograph and I tucked her just a little bit off center facing into the space.
So there you have it..my very first photo of the day blog. My goal is to do this every day for 1 year and see how it goes over. I imagine the posts will change over time as this project evolves.
Fee free to post comments if you have any ideas on additional info I could add to the daily photo blogs.

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