Apr 27, 2010

POTD April 27, 2010

Suzannah and Mike again at their engagement shoot at the CW Moore Plaza in Boise.
We shot on a very overcast day, I call these power days because the light is so good I can shoot anywhere, it is like a giant softbox in the sky.

Suzannah and Mike were having a lot of fun at their shoot and you can kind of tell they like each other...
Now this is how you keep a guy going during a photo shoot. We all know how difficult that can be sometimes...well if every 10 minutes or so (we have short attention spans) he gets a little sugar then there is a lot more cooperation from him....

So anyway this is during one of those "recreation breaks" I tell them you guys go over there and practice making out while I play with the settings on my camera...oops it just went off.....

Anyway check out their gallery on my website, there are lots of fun shots in there.

D3 85 1.4 again at f2. Notice the field of view is quite a bit deeper partly because of the larger f- stop and partly because they are farther away from me. Natural light again.

I chase the background with this great wall and the barred window, placed them in the left of the frame and the window in the right to balance the frame.
In processing adding a little vignette and a very subtle blur then pushed the blues just a smidge.

Nicely done Suzannah and Mike.

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