Apr 18, 2010

Photo of the day April 17th, 2010

We shot Elissa's wedding last year and this is from her bridal shoot in Kathryn Albertson's Park in Boise.
Equipment was the d700 with the 24-70 lens at f4.
I was using the softbox but had it set very low from the left.

Elissa is the first person I ever shot on this rock from this angle. I really like the evening light and the reflections in the water behind her and the rocky shoreline.

I never use a tripod, as the evening wears on I increase the iso and go down to f2.8. All of my lenses are tack sharp at 2.8 and the d700 and d3 can go up to ISO 3200 and still take a very clean photo.

Elissa has a very fun personality and it is really showing through in this shot. We had a great time at her wedding also. Her family was a lot of fun at the wedding and we got some really nice photos. I will post some from her wedding another day.
Nice job Elissa!!

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