Apr 11, 2010

Photo of the Day April 11th, 2010.

Portrait of Tara in downtown Boise.
Equipment used: D3, 85 f1.4 lens.
Shot with natural light at f1.4.
I chose this location because of the red color of the background, which matches her red hair.
That is a staircase about 10 feet behind her, almost unrecognizable as a staircase due to the amazing bokeh of the f1.4 lens.
One of the tricks to getting good focus with this lens is to shoot on continuous focus so if there is any movement the autofocus will adjust. Important because the depth of field fo this lens is razor thin if you are shooting from up close, here I was only a few feet away. The only part really in focus here is her eyes and about an inch of her hair.
I shot Tara a couple years ago and she was a dancer for one of the local pro teams so she had no problem getting comfortable in front of the camera with me. This makes my job much simpler because it allows me to focus on the camera and composition and not so much on the mood of the subject.
Very lucky in this instance as we chose just the wrong time to shoot as there was a hockey game just letting out and at a couple points we had 20 or more people standing around watching us.
I had my normal 42" soft box set up with sb800 but we did not use it very much as the natural light was so good this day.
This is a busy weekend for All Outdoor Photograpy, we had a family shoot yesterday with 24 people. We shot the large group as well as all the individual familys that made up the large group. We had a lot of fun and the kids behaved very well for the most part, which sped things up a lot.
Today we have an engagement shoot for a couple we have had a hard time getting together with so really looking forward to getting their shots, as I am sure they are excited to get out there and complete their shoot as well. The light is perfect today.

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