Apr 24, 2010

POTD April, 24, 2010

This photo of Carley Campbell was taken outside the back wall of the Old Idaho Penitentiary in Boise.
This is an old historic building from the 1800's. We shot on a beautiful spring day in Boise...except for the snowing part.....and well the wind was blowing and it was actually pretty cold, like I said spring in Idaho.

Carley is the reigning Miss Idaho Outstanding Teen. I can see why, this girl has it together.
Personality, good looks, class and spirit. She is going to go far.
This shoot was actually for her senior pictures but we also took a few of her in her crown and sash.
There is a full gallery of her on my website under Galleries>Portraits>Carley.

This photo was taken with the d700 and sb800 with 42" softbox. I chose the back wall of the prison for this shot because the colors go so well with her outfit and red hair.
This is actually one of the very first shots we took this day....Carly has had her picture taken A LOT so she had no trouble settling right in to getting some good photos.

I shot this at f4 but I was pretty far away from her at around 150mm so I would really get some nice isolation from the wall and I moved her out from the wall a little bit extra just to be sure.

Basic processing and sharpening in Lightroom and here it is.

I love the look of this photo, Carley's confidence poise and beauty are really showcased in this photo.

Beautiful shot Carley!

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