Apr 12, 2010

Shot of the Day April 12th.

This is a shot from my first real wedding four years ago.
Equipment was the D200 and 28-75 Tamron.
Taken at F4 with just a little fill flash but mostly window light from the right.
This is Ally, she looks so pretty in this picture.
I have shot her several times in the last few years and we have become friends. I always enjoy photographing her, she has an amazing fun personality.
This photos has basic processing with a blue tint added, to really accentuate those blue eyes.
I know as soon as I saw this great looking mirror we had the makings for a memorable shot. We slid the mirror over by the double door to get some nice light coming in for her.
I had Ally hold her shoes so we could get a nice relaxed feel for the shot and had her lean over the end of the couch and look at me in the mirror. I burned the background just a bit to really bring out the reflection and in the end we have one of my favorite shots of all time.
I will post a few more from her wedding as this project goes along.

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