Apr 15, 2010

Photo of the Day April 15th, 2010

Another photo from Crystal's wedding.
Another of my all time favorites.
Equipment was the d200 with 28-75 Tamron at F4.
Lit by 24" softbox with sb800 from the left.

We hit the fall color perfectly and the sun was shining right into the back side of this amazing red tree giving it a wild looking red glow. I have been back to this park for the last 4 years trying to capture these same condition to no avail, Crystal hit it just right.

I set her up in that small archway opening between the two trees so she would have just the smooth background of the carpet of leaves and increased the ttl flash just a bit so the background would be a bit dark to really accentuate the white dress and all the color of the day.

Crystal hit another classic pose looking down at her flowers, and her it is.

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