Apr 30, 2010

POTD April 30, 2010

This is a photo from Ranee and Shawn's wedding at the CW Moore Plaze in Boise.
We were outside in the plaza getting some wedding part shots.
This started out to be one of those cutesy shots with the ring bearer and flower girl. The little ones were not co-operating so I just left it alone for a minute to see what would develop.
The little girl started playing with Ranee's earing, the little boy got jealous so he squeezed in the middle and gave Ranee a kiss, I used my Ninja photographer reflexes to snap it off at just the right time....now about 3 milliseconds later the little girl took a real liking to the earring and tried to pull it out of Ranee's ear, that picture is on Ranee's disc but I doubt she would want me to share it haha..

The setting for this one is basic city street but far enough back so there is plenty of isolation of the subjects.
Equipment was the d700 24-70 2.8 shot at f4 and the 42" softbox with flash from the left set at very low intensity so there is plenty of ambient light.

I am kneeling down so I am appx. eye level of the Ranee and the kids which give more of a feeling of being right there for the moment. In processing I turned the saturation way down, not quite to black and white.

I really like this photo, it is a genuine candid moment, not posed or rehearsed and a moment was captured.
You can see the rest of their wedding gallery here at this link: http://alloutdoor.smugmug.com/Wedding-galleries/cw-moore-plaza-wedding/8005781_TpHCa#651047576_zvkaw

Great job Ranee and little people!!

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