Apr 20, 2010

POTD April 19th

Had a really fun Engagement shoot at Kathrun Albertson's Park in Boise with Annie and Rob last week.
They are a really fun couple and we got some really nice pictures.
Annie was a natural she settled right into it, Rob not so much, he kept looking at the camera like it was trying to capture his soul lol....but he was a great sport and hung in there and did his best for 2 hours.

This shot was taken in full evening sun. I set them up in front of a densely branched bare tree and blurred it a lot at f2 for a really nice background. I was more or less trying to copy that old World War II photo of the sailor dipping the girl next to the ship....you know the one.

Equipment was the d3 with 85 1.4 lens at f2. I held the camera way down low and pointed the lens up at them and took a series of shots hoping to get one in focus and this is what I came up with.
I think it really captures their energy and they both look great in the photo.

Nice shot Annie and Rob!

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