Apr 15, 2010

Photo of the Day April 14th, 2010

This is a photo from Crystals bridal shoot. This is the number one rated wedding photo on the entire Smugmug webhosting site so it is pretty generally liked.
This is from 3 years ago and her gallery is still a fan favorite on my webpage.
Equipment was the d200 with 28-75 Tamron on f4.
Lighting was from a sb800 flash on a stand with a 24" softbox from her left.
This is one of my favorite settings in Kathryn Albersons Park in Boise.
There is a flat rock with some grass on it right along this rocky shore line with the pond.
There is some nice color in the background that fades out and some nice foreground detail with the flowers.

Crystal looks so classy and elegant in this photo, I love her dress and the pose.
Then for processing I hit it with just a light blur and a saturation boost.

The key to this photo is the TTL flash. I set it high enough that the rest of the photo was underexposed just a bit so her dress would not blow out, this really helped to highlight her in the photo.

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