May 4, 2010

POTD April 31, 2010

This black and white portrait of Jessica was taken last year at an old abandoned church by The 8th Street Marketplace in Boise.
The set up was this great old weathered stain glass window for the background, I used a little smaller f-stop than normal so it would not be all that blurred.
This stone railing was built perfectly for a shot like this as it had some nice dips in it where a person could settle into.
I told Jessica my idea for this shot and she said "Sure why not", well initially we set her up to low on the railing so then we dragged her by her belt up about three feet to where she is not....guess that was why not haha.  It was pretty funny at the time.

So anyway I had Jessica put her hair up and arms, she posed her legs and here it is.
I really like this black and white version and her outfit was perfect for it.

Equipment was the D300 with 28-75 Tamron at F5.6 all natural light.

Jessica if you see this call me...I would love to shoot you again!

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