May 27, 2010

POTD May 26, 2010

This shot is from Nicole and Joey's wedding at the Wood River Cellars winery in Eagle Idaho
This is one of my favorite just messing around shots. Nicole is playing with the groomsmen while they are fighting over her and Joey is off in the background with that "What the H" look on his face. I like how two groomsmen right in the middle are battling it out.

Taken with the d3 with sb800 on a bracket. It does look just a bit flashed but they are in the shade with the sun in the trees in the background so it needed a bit of flash to bring them out. Most of the time at weddings it is not about lighting things perfectly, it is about getting the shots, and light them as best you can on the move. There just isn't time to set up lights and move them around from spot to spot.

Great shot Nicole and Joey!

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