May 7, 2010

POTD May 6, 2010

April and Orrin's engagement portrait session at Veteran's Park in Boise.
These two are so cute together and are so much fun. They were laughing and messing around the whole time which made the shoot go by in a blink.

In this photo I put them on the bench and pulled a switch by reversing the traditional positions so he is sitting on her lap. I framed the shot with the bench and the two trees to either side of them, then shot it at f1.8 to ensure a good blur on that busy background.
They I told them to relax for a second because I had to fool with my camera, naturally they started messing around and I just started shooting. As usual, less posing of the subjects makes for more natural shots.
Now some couples will just sit there and look at you waiting to be posed, but not these two.....
Here is a link to their gallery at my website:

Taken with the d3 and 85 1.4 lens natural light. The old formula works, attractive fun subjects in a good setting with good light, just don't screw it up haha.
I processed this in black and white because I wanted the accent on the couple and their relationship not on the scenery.

Great shot April and Orrin!!

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