May 11, 2010

POTD May 9, 2010

This shot is from Takara's senior portraits at Kathryn Albersons Park in Boise. Late evening light from the right is just right to make Takara look amazing in this portrait. Such a pretty young lady. We had an amazing time in the park at this shoot, Takara has a great personality and really likes having her picture was all good this night. 

Well almost....this was the first only and last time I did or will lose a card....OMG....I never want to have that feeling again. We finished the shoot and after Takara left I asked my assistant if she had the first card we shot and she said no....well I didn't have it either!!!!! Ensuing panic..we looked for the card for two hours in the dark...just could not find it.

Spent a sleepless night worrying about it, then before first light I was back at the park looking again. Walked right in on the path and there it was laying in the grass in the sprinkler about 10 feet off the path 200 yards from anywhere we had been shooting, go figure.
Well needless to say it was soaking wet so I still was not out of the woods.  A few hours later after a few thousand "Please let them still be there's"!!!......
I plugged in the card and the pictures were all there....Thank You Sandisk Extreme!!

Amazing shoot Takara!!

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