May 4, 2010

POTD May 2, 2010

This is Brianna,
This is a natural light portrait taken in downtown Boise a couple weeks ago.
I just said something socially unacceptable and she is rolling her eyes at me...
She is set up about 20 feet from the wall and I shot this at F2 with the 85mm 1.4 lens on the D3 so the background didn't have a prayer of showing up in this one.

Brianna is so much fun to shoot, she gets so excited to shoot she is like a little girl playing dressup, obviously doesn't look like it.
Her galleries are consistently the most viewed on my site....hmmm I think I will have to shoot her again....
Plus the fact that she is more fun each time I shoot her helps.

This is a crop of a full photo. I think the crop shows her personality much better and really put the focus on her expression.

The black and white processing works with this so well because of the way the light is hitting her face.
This is a natural light photo by the way.

Here is the link to her portrait gallery at my website, there is a second gallery of her on there as well from a few months ago:

Great look Brianna!

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