May 20, 2010

POTD May 19, 2010

This is from April and Orrin's engagement portrait shoot at Veterans Memorial Park in Boise.
This is another dip that I really like. The setting was so ideal for a shot like this.
I asked Orrin to dip her as far as he could without getting her wet, key point. Then I had her dip her head back and touch the ground, which ties her reflection in with her nicely.

This was taken with the d3 and the 70-200 at f4, in hindsight I should have used 2.8 to even further blur the background.  Natural light from behind them which gives them a nice border light, which I accentuated by putting a small blur effect on the photo.
This shot was taken in bright mid afternoon sun, so I had to decrease the contrast and give it a shadows and hightlights adjustment.

These two were married last weekend and I am finishing up their wedding photos now. There are some really nice shots in there, I will post some when complete.

Amazing shot April and Orrin, you were workin' it!

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