May 12, 2010

POTD May 10, 2010

This portrait of Jessica was taken at an old abandoned church in Boise.
Jessica is so pretty and has a great attitude. I love this setting and we had perfect light this fall day with lots of clouds.

I set this up so I am at eye level standing on another staircase opposite here. I used the building for framing on the left and right and the stairs on the bottom. I faced her this direction because the light was hitting her perfectly here and had her move her hair all to the opposite side. Her wardrobe with the black jacket and boots fits perfectly with the black and white processing in this photo. This is one I should have blown up large and put on my wall.....well if I started doing that I would run out of wall space.....oh wait I already did years ago haha.

Shot with the d300 28-75 Tamron at f4 with natural light.

Great shot Jessica!

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