May 18, 2010

POTD May 15, 2010

This is a fun shot of Kristina at Kathryn Albertsons Park in Boise. I like the way this rock lays out so we sprawled her across it with her head and long hair hanging over the side.
Kristina was a good sport, she was pretty shy and it took a while to get her loosened up, as you can see by the end of the shoot she was pretty relaxed.......

This is with the d300 and 28-75 Tamron. Softbox from the left. If I had it to do over again I would have moved the light more from the front so there was not so much falloff on her feet. There is a big fountain behind her but I cropped this to extreme horizontal to take all that out. I thought it was distracting and the horizontal really makes Kristina look long and lean. I will post more of her later.

Great pose Kristina!

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