May 27, 2010

POTD May 27, 2010.

This is from Ranee's bridal shoot at her farm in Homedale. We almost didn't do this shoot as Ranee and Shawn were already married and she just didn't see a need for it. I convinced her she might like some shots just for her and I am so glad we did the shoot. Some of my favorite bridal portraits ever came from this shoot.
There is an old Pony Express station on their property and this was taken in one of the huge windows.
I normally use large f-stops to blur the background but this was at f16 because I wanted the white wispy clouds to be the background.
It came out just right with the warm evening sun shining on her and lit with flash from the softbox from behind for fill. I love this shot.

Taken with the d700 and 24-70 at F16 with the softbox.

Great shot Ranee, workin that wedding dress!

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