May 17, 2010

POTD May 14, 2010

Another shot of Tara in Kathryn Albertsons Park in Boise.
This is such a great setting for a pretty girl, the little rock platform out over the water with the rocky shoreline and the cattails in the foreground.
This is lit with the 42" softbox and sb800. In this one I turned the flash up stronger to accentuate the dress and hair and foreground. In effect this darkened the background which really highlights Tara in the photo.
I think she looks like  movie star up on that rock with here her amazing/confident pose.
I told her to lean her head back and stick her booty out and have an attitude about it, it worked.
As I mentioned in the last shot we turned her a bit more than normal due to her being 5 months pregnant and she did not want a belly picture........

Shot with the d300 sb800 I think this was set on +2 for flash power, again using the Nikon CLS system.
In processing I pumped up the blues and contrast which really makes the greens and the reflection pop with color.

Beautiful photo Tara!

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